Protect Your Clients from Identity Theft

Identity theft is a real problem that affects individuals and business. It can take months to regain control over your identity and often results in a loss of client confidence. It is never worth risking identity theft because of improper disposal of sensitive documents. Businesses are ethically and often legally obligated to properly destroy and recycle any documents, digital or print, that may contain personal information.

Do not compromise the trust of your clients- take action against identity theft with BudgetShred shredding services.

The More You Know:

The Facts About Identity Theft

    • Identity theft occurs about every 3 seconds.
    • The FACTA Law requires you dispose of records properly or pay State and Federal fines of $1000.00 – $2500.00 per record.
    • The Supreme Court has ruled that information in your trash is “fair game” to anyone
      • Dumping documents in a dumpster can lead to identity theft
    • You, or someone you know, will be affected by identity theft
    • Destruction of Consumer Information is required by Federal Law before it is Discarded
    • Over 10 million people a year are impacted by identity theft
    • Privacy laws apply to every business. View relevant privacy laws here.
    • The FTC estimates it takes 200-600 hrs to resolve each identity theft case

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Take the extra step:

Choose BudgetShred For Document Destruction

Whether you are looking to destroy printed or digital documents, BudgetShred offers confidential, secure, and certified destructions services.  All of our shredding and destruction services are accompanied by a Certified Document of Destruction.  We provide shredding services to business on a one time or continuous basis based on your unique needs.

Digital Destruction- We offer digital destruction services. Performed by bonded and background checked BudgetShred employees, we can destroy and recycle e-waste and digital files.

Paper Shredding-  Secure, cheap, and eco-friendly- BudgetShred recycles 100% of shredded paper products. We help keep your clients and the environment safe. Our services are secure and certified to ensure your clients information is safety destroyed and recycled.

BudgetShred offers companies in and around Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC and all of Northern VA top notch shredding services at the lowest rates possible, guaranteed. Our off-site secure shredding services help keep our overheads low. We never charge fuel surcharges and there are never any hidden fees- your prices are based on volume. Call our helpful staff today to get your free over the phone quote.