Everything You Need To Know About Shredding Bins At The Office

We offer a wide variety of secure containers to suit your businesses needs. Our BudgetShred staff can help you determine which sized locking bin is appropriate for your volume of disposable paper product. Our secure shred bins make pick up at your office convenient and efficient.

What Are The Available Bin Sizes?

  • 64-Gallon Security Container. Holds up to 7 boxes of paper.
  • 96-Gallon Security Container. Holds up to 10 boxes of paper.
  • Large Executive Container. This container is perfect for office settings and can be used as a stand for a fax machine.

What Are The Benefits Of Shredding Bins?

  • Reduce Clutter
    • Maybe, employees are unsure where to place documents for shredding.  Thus, they could start to pile up on desks, the floor, or all over the office. Therefore, adding secure shredding bins helps to reinforce shredding policies and keep sensitive data private.  Additionally, it plays a role in keeping your office environment neat and tidy.
  • Secure Sensitive Documents
    • BudgetShred provides locked bins. These can be placed all over your office. These, in turn, secure documents intended for pickup and shredding.  Documents can be inserted through an opening large enough to accept paper of varying sizes. Yet, it’s too small to allow hands to reach in and pull things out.  This can help to stop employees from getting their hands on sensitive data they wouldn’t normally have access to.
  • Increase Productivity
    • It takes time to feed paper through your shredding machine. Shredding a single file takes several minutes with all of the steps involved, which can include:
      • Removing Paper Clips and Staples
      • Straightening Sheets of Paper
      • Cleaning Up Paper Particles
      • Disposing of Shredded Paper
      • Oiling Shredder Blades

When you choose BudgetShred, you choose a company that puts your company first. We take security seriously. We provide complimentary secure locking bins for all of your personal or business documents. You and your staff simply insert sensitive documents into the bin until it is full. Once full, the bin is picked up and taken to be destroyed by BudgetShred. After the destruction and proper disposal of the contents of your bin, you will receive your Certified Document of Destruction.

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Do you need a smaller or much larger bin for your office? Ask BudgetShred about customized container solutions for your business needs. We are always willing to work with you to make sure choosing BudgetShred is as hassle-free as possible. We tailor our services to the unique needs of your company. Contact BudgetShred today.