One Time Purge ServiceDC, Maryland, & Virginia

One Time Purge Services An Overview

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BudgetShred offers one-time purging services for files, documents, and office equipment for business and residences in Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC and all of Northern, VA. For clients looking to purge outdated files or digital media, BudgetShred offers certified paper shredding and recycling services.

Whether for business or home, BudgetShred will send their bonded drivers to your location to pick up unwanted documents. Our GPS tracked and locked trucks will transfer your files to the secure shredding facility closest to your location. All documents are shredded onsite and the process is overseen by one of our founders and owners- who are ex-military veterans. Once your files have been destroyed, you will receive a Certified document of Destruction.

★★★★★ “My company needed secure paper shredding for over 500 boxes of stored records. As advertised, BudgetShred was the lowest priced paper shredder in the area. We were very impressed with their prompt courteous drivers.”Joan D.
★★★★★ “Our textile company contracted BudgetShred for a one time paper shredding event. The clean out couldn't have gone any smoother. It was easy and quick- they even recycled all the cardboard boxes. Thanks!”Jose G.
★★★★★ “Since hiring BudgetShred to handle our document destruction needs, we are recycling more of our white paper and ALL of our sensitive documents make it into the paper shredder.”Mike B
★★★★★ “You will not find a lower price on a large document purge than BudgetShred!”Sandra

One Time Purge Services What to Expect

For one time purges, we will pick up any sized box, file cabinet or container for destruction.  Prices are based on the volume of materials in need of destruction.

We also offer one-time electronic file destruction services. Our bonded electronic destruction team can securely and discretely destroy digital files on or off-site.

To get a free file or electronic file destruction quote contact our friendly and helpful customer support team at (888) 747-3356. For companies looking for on-going services, ask about our weekly and monthly pick up and shredding services.

Office Clean Up Services

Downsizing, moving or just ready to get rid of old office equipment and furniture?

BudgetShred offers one-time office cleanout services. Our bonded and certified movers can destroy and remove old office furniture, filing cabinets, and electronic equipment. Our movers will securely and responsibly recycle all old equipment according to state laws.  In many cases, we are able to offer “next-day” office clean ups. From sky rise companies to mom & pop businesses BudgetShred has experience helping a wide range of companies.

E-Waste & Computer File Destruction Services

Don’t’ know what to do with all your outdated electronics pilling up in the office closet?

Properly recycling computers, monitors, printers and other e-waste is not just responsible- it is the law. Businesses and owners are liable to recycle e-waste. Most pieces of electronic equipment contain harmful chemicals that when disposed of improperly can leach into our waterways and damage the earth. Let BudgetShred take the stress out of disposing of bulky e-waste. Our bonded and certified electronic destruction team can securely eliminate all sensitive digital files and haul away and recycle your old equipment.

One Time Purge Services FAQs

Will you haul away old filling cabinets filled with documents?

Yes. For one time purges or office cleanouts, our bonded movers will haul away old filing cabinets. We will securely shred and recycle all documents and properly dispose of the filing cabinets, bins or boxes.

How much will a one time document purge cost?

Fees are based on the volume of documents being purged and additonal items being hauled off site.

We never tack on hidden service fees or fuel surcharges.

To recieve a free quote contact (888) 747-3356.

Will you do a one time purge at my home office?

Yes. BudgetShred offers home office shredding and document purges. Visit our Home Office Services page to learn more about destroying documents to protect against identity theft.