Paper Shredding Service FAQs DC, Maryland, & Virginia

Shredding FAQs

What should I consider when choosing a document security service?

At a minimum you should consider the security of your documents, the quality of service you are provided and the value this service provides your business. BudgetShred is A+ Rated by the BBB. Owned by former military officers and in business for over 5 years- we have never had a customer complaint or security issue.

  • Security – Tell me about the shredding process.

    Our process ensures that your documents travel directly from your place of business to ours inside a locked container contained inside a locked truck, a “closed loop system”. Your documents are never “dumped” into the back of a truck where they could become compromised by blowing wind or a careless driver. They arrive at our secure facility and are quickly shredded and baled with tons of other shredded material and delivered to a recycler where they are converted into new paper products. We feel our security procedures are second to none in the industry.

  • Service – Who will be coming into my business to collect materials to be shredded?

    Our drivers go through weeks of training and ride with a senior driver until they are certified as document security specialists. All our drivers are friendly, well groomed and highly qualified. Many are former US military. “We love our driver”! Is the comment we usually hear.

  • Value – Why should I choose BudgetShred instead of someone else?

    To sum it up in two words we are a “No Frills” shredding and document storage service. We offer unmatched security, great service and we do it at the lowest possible price. We’ll be in and out of your business in a matter of minutes and on to our next happy customer. We charge a flat fee by the box or container, not by the minute or by the pound like other companies, so you’ll always know what the cost will be.

Do you provide a Certificate of Destruction?

Yes. A Certificate of Destruction is presented with every invoice. The document shows the chain of custody including the date the documents were transferred to our custody, the amount of material destroyed, date destroyed, and the name and signature of the BSI authorized employee who did the shredding.

Are there special concerns for medical, legal and accounting offices?

Yes. As you know, patient related information is protected by HIPPA laws. We provide a HIPPA Business Associate Contract that satisfies all HIPPA paper shredding guidelines and protects your business and ours. Legal and accounting offices (in fact any business with customers) must be concerned with FACTA and other consumer privacy laws. A Business Associate Contract will be provided for all businesses with consumer privacy concerns.

What size is the final shredded paper?

If you look at the photo on our services page you’ll see actual paper we ran thru our shredders. For additional security, these tiny shreds are then baled and secured until they are transported to the paper mill for recycling.

Will you take cardboard boxes along with our paper files?

Of course. Mobile shredders usually can’t take your cardboard because their trucks have no place to put them. This can be a problem if you have a number of boxes.

How much does document shredding cost?

Short answer. Much less than anyone else in the area. We typically charge 25-50% less than the competition. Call for a quick quote. For one time purges, we’ll just need to know the size of your boxes, their location and the location of your business. For routine service, we’ll discuss the type of containers you require and the frequency of shredding.

Do your personnel physically touch our material to be shredded?

No, but we do constantly monitor the material to be sure there are no contaminants going into the shredder. We often find corporate stamps, staplers, pens and other items that do not need to be shredded and will remove them before they go into the shredder. Rest assured that the entire shredding process, from the moment your security container is opened until all the material is shredded is handled by an owner of the company who is a retired military officer with a top secret security clearance. Our security credentials are unmatched by any shredding company in the nation.

Why is off site destruction more cost effective than on site mobile shredders?

For several reasons. Mobile shred trucks have a higher initial cost than our fleet of trucks, costing up to 90% more. Mobile shred trucks also have higher daily operational costs, burning more fuel and taking longer to service accounts. We can service 3 or 4 businesses in the time it takes them to shred on site. We pass these savings on to you.

We are concerned about the security of our documents.

Security is our business and our number one priority! As former military officers, security is of the utmost importance to us, that is why even though we background check, drug test and bond our drivers, they will never open your security containers. They can’t. They don’t have the keys. Only you or a representative of your company and an owner of our company with a top secret security clearance can open your security container. Compare this method with an on-site shredder whose driver takes your security container outside and opens it and puts your documents into a shredder. This method can expose your company to several unnecessary risks including the possibility of your sensitive documents blowing away in inclement weather.

We have boxes of documents that we'd like to move out of our office, but we're afraid we might need them in the future. Can you store them?

No problem. We can store boxes and file cabinets at our secure facility for pennies a day.

Why should we use BudgetShred instead of doing it ourselves?

First, and most important, using our service will make your office more secure. Commission-based employees, overworked assistants, and multi-tasking office managers sometimes misplace shredder-bound documents and files, accidentally or otherwise. The sensitive documents that should end up in line for the time consuming shredder mysteriously end in the normal garbage in an un-shredded and potentially litigious condition.

Second, we’ll will save you money. Add employee time, maintenance costs, and the power bill to the price of the typical office shredder and you’ll quickly realize that outsourcing your shredding is a wise financial decision.

Third, BSI will give your company a more secure and professional image. Showing a prospective client that you care enough about their privacy to outsource your shredding could be the small advantage that makes that client yours.

How do we begin service with BudgetShred?

You can look over the BSI website to choose the size and style of locking security bin(s) (the ones with wheels) or executive consoles (more like a cabinet). Then call or email us and we can discuss the frequency of service. If you would rather look at the bins/consoles in person, we can schedule a visit (usually within 24 hours). Once the bins/consoles are in place and the schedule is set, your shredding hassles and confidentiality worries are over. Our professional background-checked Document Security Specialist will transport your sensitive documents to our state of the art shredding facility where hours of monotonous office work are completed in a few minutes.

I own a very small business with limited shredding needs. Do you have a program for me?

Yes! We specialize in small businesses document destruction and paper shredding by offering monthly and bi-monthly pick up programs with a variety of bin and console sizes to meet your special needs. We even have special programs that allow you to call for service whenever your ready in case your shredding needs are different from month to month.

What are the terms and conditions of the contract?

There is no contract! Nothing to sign, no hassles, no worries. BudgetShred will present the terms and conditions of our service to you. If you are unhappy with the service at any time, we will do whatever we can to make you happy or you can stop the service.

I have a bunch of old bills, tax returns, and other confidential stuff. Do you service normal residences?

Certainly! We provide one-time purge service and scheduled service to residential accounts all the time.

How do we pay?

Scheduled service customers can pay via invoice. All others are requested to pay at the time of service. Cash, company check and Visa/Mastercard are accepted forms of payment.

Do you offer “Drop Off Paper Shredding Service”?

Based on overwhelming customer interest, we will offer Drop Off Paper Shredding Service on a limited basis. Please call for details.