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Why Shred?

Two reasonsFirst, because as a successful business person you know protecting your clients private data is the right thing to doSecond, because there are numerous laws in place that require you to "do the right thing!"  All businesses are entrusted with information that must remain confidential.  Customers, vendors, and employees have a legal right to have their information protected. When a company discards information without proper destruction, it usually ends up in the dumpster where it is easily and legally exposed to the public.  Once a breach in trust has occurred, companies are at risk of criminal and civil prosecution, as well as the costly loss of good reputation and business.


Consumer privacy has become such a serious issue that state and federal legislation have been enacted to protect our privacy. Yearly, Washington DC, Maryland (MD) and Virginia (VA) legislatures consider many bills related to the issue of consumer privacy.

Identity theft is on the rise nationwide, with someone falling victim at an alarming rate of every 79 seconds.  It is estimated that this year alone, over 400,000 Americans will be robbed of their identities, with more than $4 billion stolen in their names. With a minimal amount of personal information found in refuse, criminals have ruined credit, stolen social security checks, and charged hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash advances and merchandise credit card numbers. Where would a thief get such information? His best source is your garbage!

How do you prevent identity theft and protect your clients who entrust you with their personal information?  The answer is simple: BudgetShred.  Utilizing state-of-the-art shredding equipment, we offer the most secure, convenient and cost effective document destruction in the Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA) and Washington DC area.  Responsible businesses use BudgetShred as an integral step in the paper flow process. If it absolutely, positively has to be destroyed, call us today!


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